Happy Thanksgiving From All of Us

You are our Hands, Our Strength. Thank you

The pandemic has been many things to each one of us. Among the many truths, it made us aware that we belong together and that family and deep, meaningful relationships are essential to our happiness. So, we have had to re-learn the meaning of genuine gratitude, which helps us see the benefits of the support and affirmations by other people. As we each find ways to navigate and balance the changing landscape of the pandemic, I am filled with gratitude for the relationship you and I have had during this very challenging time, and send you good wishes to strengthen your spirit for the months ahead.

Our partnership is the catalyst that tends to the individuals who depend on us for support. It has been the saving grace for the last eighteen months. We have had some close calls and scary moments with some staff contracting the virus. Thankfully, it turned out OK, and everyone is well. Your prayers, generous gifts, hand-sewn masks, and unwavering commitment to the work we do in the community kept us going. Through it all, you reminded us that we are a family — and that is a real treasure.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, I want you to know that my staff and I value you. We thank you for reaching out and taking our hands as we offer resources and comfort to those who hurt in our community.  We honor our connectedness and resiliency as together we wait for a new and fresh day ahead.

Our mission remains top of our minds, and it is with your support, we are better prepared to face the challenges ahead. Thank you for your continued commitment.

Sending our best wishes for you and those close to you this Thanksgiving.


Junia John-Straker

Chief Executive Officer

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