Adult Assisted Living

LSSVI Adult Assisted Living Programs

LSSVI provides housing and 24-hour care for adults with developmental disabilities. Our two Group Homes operate with 24 hour staffing and AmeriCorps members, which offers residents constant assistance with their daily needs and growth towards greater independence. We provide additional health and supportive services, and assistance for “higher level” residents in learning to live independently.

Programs and services for Residents include:

  • Job Coaching provides job training and supported employment for residents
  • Life Skills provides residents with necessary life skills training
  • Self-Actualization/Habilitation provides training to residents to help residents in all areas of life to help them achieve greater independence. Residents learn through a number of socialization, recreational and educational activities that help them reach their goals in a nurturing and engaging setting.

Ginger Thomas [Prince Street Residence]
(St. Croix)

Ginger Thomas Residence provides housing, supervision and supportive services for 12 low income adults with developmental disabilities.  LSSVI originally opened the facility in 1993 on St. Thomas as its first group home for adults with disabilities. After suffering severe damage during Hurricane Marilyn in 1995, the residents were relocated to the residence on Prince Street, Frederiksted, which is now operating as Ginger Thomas.

Ginger Thomas | Prince Street Residence St Croix Island

Yellow Cedar Residence
(St. Thomas)

Located in Estate Anna’s Retreat, St. Thomas: Yellow Cedar is a group home that provides 24 hour care for 12 low income adults with developmental disabilities. The Ginger Thomas Residence originally opened on St. Thomas in 1993. A decade after the Ginger Thomas Residence was severely damaged from Hurricane Marilyn in 1995, this original facility on St. Thomas was renovated and re-opened as the Yellow Cedar Group Home for adults with more moderate developmental disabilities.


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