Adults with Disabilities

LSSVI provides housing and support services for adults with disabilities capable of living independently. Through our federally-funded rental assistance program, our staff provides apartment management and maintenance services. To help maintain their independence, private funding supports supplemental assistance, including social work, nursing managed care, limited transportation and recreational activities.

Danish Gardens Apartments (St. Croix)

Located on Hospital Street in Frederiksted, the building houses seven federally subsidized apartments for adults with disabilities who are capable of independent living. The complex opened in 1993, and occupies the upper two floors of the old Queen Louise Home building now known as Danish Gardens. The upper level has 4 one-bedroom apartments for ambulatory residents. The lower level has 2 one-bedrooms and 1 two-bedroom with wheelchair access.

Genip Gardens (St. Croix)

Genip Gardens, located on Prince Street, Frederiksted, has 20 subsidized apartments for low-income seniors and adults with disabilities who are capable of independent living. The apartments opened in 1996 and are situated in 5 four-plexes with connecting sidewalks. Each building is two stories with 2 one-bedroom apartments on each floor. Residents have access to the Prince Street Community Center for activities.

Bougainvillea Gardens (St. Croix)

Bougainvillea Gardens consists of 14 subsidized apartments in Frederiksted town, and provide service-enriched, independent living for adults with disabilities. The three story facility opened in 2007, and has 12 one-bedroom apartments, 2 two-bedroom apartments, an elevator, and a community room on the first floor.


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