We want to thank the Masonic Organizations for their ongoing commitment to our mission!

💚In a heartwarming gesture of community support, the Masonic Organizations of the U.S. Virgin Islands, comprising of Cornerstone Lodge #176, Cornerstone Pearls #191, and Paradise Lodge #170, have once again demonstrated their commitment to making a difference. On Wednesday, November 15th, 2023, they donated three turkeys and $200 to Lutheran Social Services of the Virgin Islands (LSSVI) for the annual Thanksgiving Luncheon for the senior residents at Flambouyant Gardens.
💚This annual contribution is not just a donation it’s an example of the unwavering dedication to uplifting our community. The turkeys and financial support generously provided play a vital role in ensuring that the seniors at Flambouyant Gardens experience the warmth and joy of the Thanksgiving Holiday.
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