Children Services

Lutheran Social Services of the Virgin Islands has been serving the Territory’s neglected and abused children since the creation of its very first service program, Queen Louise Home for Children.  In fact, the first child admitted to the Queen Louise Home on December 13, 1904, was an infant girl found in a house with her deceased mother. Since that day, Queen Louise Home has never closed its doors.

LSSVI remains committed to serving children in the Virgin Islands, and our services have impacted thousands of lives in the territory. Our community programs have expanded to foster care services, day care and after school care, as well as counseling and educational activities. Follow the links below to learn more about our programs for children.

Queen Louise Home for Children

Since our humble beginnings in 1904, Queen Louise Home for Children has provided a safe haven and residential foster care for children in the Virgin Islands who have been abused, abandoned, or neglected. Our program provides temporary placement in a family setting where children receive unconditional love and support, as well as tutoring, recreational activities, and guidance in overall skill development. 

Early Head Start Program

The Early Head Start Program has a deep commitment and concern for the entire family, and our goal is to improve child and family outcomes. We aim to accomplish this by partnering with parents of low-income families to promote the development of the total child by providing for their cognitive, physical, creative, social, and emotional needs while assisting parents to learn the skills needed to support their child’s growth and development, with special emphasis on school readiness.

Sister Emma Cottage

Sister Emma Cottage came about in the late 1980’s, as Queen Louise Home began to receive many requests for placement of children with severe physical and developmental disabilities.

Sister Emma Cottage is a special unit on the Queen Louise Home campus that provides intensive 24 hour residential foster care for children and young adults with severe developmental and physical disabilities. Many of our residents use wheelchairs and have special impairments and are medically fragile.

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